Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Soseitai adjustment exercise for good health

Here's another Soseitai exercise. This is very useful if you find your upper body twisted to either the left or right. This type of postural distortion may occur with different types of sports such as golf or baseball or repetitive movements often in the one direction. This can be as simple a situation as having a work situation where the cash register is on the right and you are always swinging your body to the right to access it, months or years of doing this same action can lead to an imbalance in the muscular system. If left it may lead to postural distortion which can bring about other problems such as pain.

Try this exercise remember the breathing is an important part of this exercise as it as it helps the body to relax.

Trunk ( upper body ) rotation
Standing with your legs shoulder width apart.

Raise your arms up in front of you, then rotate you upper body checking which direction feels easiest to move. You will move in the direction of comfort, least amount of pain.

Inhale while raising the arms, as you exhale rotate your upper body to the end of the movement, raise your heel slightly to enable you to move a little more. Hold at the end of the movement you should be out of breath.

Inhale while in that position, exhale while returning to the original position.

Repeat in the same direction 3 to 6 times then check the movement to see if it has become easier repeat again if there is still pain or limited movement.


  1. It is said that there are more than 100 acupoints in a human body and only a professional knows all the points because human body and organs are very sensitive and t which point a patient can get relief. A lot of people every year try to pass exams of acupuncture but a very few are successful and I am sure that old Chinese technique would maintain its quality forever and would not go in the wrong hands.