Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Correct your posture

Soseitai self adjustment exercise for good health

This exercise is helpful when you are having difficulty with lateral bending of the trunk, (upper body).
It should always be performed in the direction of comfort (no pain ). If you have pain in both directions it maybe necessary to perform a number of  other exercises prior to this before attempting this exercise again.

This movement affects the internal and external oblique,& quadratis lumborum muscles.

The movement must be attempted first to determine which side the the exercise will be done when done with the breathing..

The exercise should be performed with exhalation as this has the effect of helping the muscles relax (parsypathetic ) The exercise is performed standing with the feet shoulder width apart.

  1. Place one hand on the hip, the other relaxed by the side.
  2. Inahale, as you begin to exhale raise the arm up over the head keeping it relaxed, st the same time move your hips and bend your upper body as in the diagram above, raise the heel slightly this will give you slightly more movement.
  3. Hold your position at the end of the movement you should be out of breath, inhale again while in that position.
  4. Exhale and move your body back to the position you originally started from.
  5.  Repeat the whole sequence 3 to 6 times only on the one side.

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