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Headache can be caused by various reasons including neck pain as I have been previously discussing. If this is the reason for that pain then the neck problem and any other imbalances in the muscular skeletal system need to be dealt with as well as the headache, however this is not the only cause of headache as I will explain.
The pain from headache can be caused by an internal imbalance or external. There are various types of headache and to some degree need to be addressed slightly differently however as mentioned previously the most important point is the underlying cause, rectify that and the issue will be resolved.

Tension headaches
These may be one of the more common types of headache, those who are under a lot of stress I'm sure may be familiar with this type of headache. Contraction of the muscles in the head and neck may lead to this type of headache.

These are when there is contraction of the blood vessels, these headaches are commonly associated with migraine, they may cause mild to severe pain along with a number of other associated symptoms.
Headaches experienced when one has a fever or high blood pressure can also be vascular.

Traction or inflammatory
From things like sinus infection or more serious conditions such as stroke.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can be helpful for this condition but it is important to consult a therapist to help you determine the underlying problem.

Treatment for this condition varies, it could be something as simple as have a few days break to relieve stress or longer term program to correct a more chronic situation if it exists.

Self help.

As I have mentioned before trigger points may be very useful in cases where the headache is just caused by tension. The points I have already mentioned for neck pain can be used as well, apply 3 to 5 minutes of sustained pressure to these points to activate them.
Other points that may be helpful are indicated as follows;
This point is helpful when you have difficulty sleeping, headache associated with an empty sensation

Apply sustained pressure or massage this point for headache in your temple area, the side of your head or headaches that affect your eyes

in combination with the above

Use this point with headache that affects your neck and back part of you shoulder

Hope you find these helpful, leave a comment or question if you have one.

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