Thursday, 23 August 2012

Neck pain self help

Well the neck pain cases are still rolling in. Here's a couple of simple things you can do if you are also someone who's suffering from neck and shoulder pain.
Firstly try to take notice of what aggravates the pain whether that be movement in a certain direction, worse on a cold day, worse when you are lying down and better when you are standing or sitting, worse when you apply pressure to the area.
What makes it feel better ? nothing ? applying pressure ?, maybe applying heat or cold ?
Avoid what aggravates it do more of what makes it feel better. This in itself may sound silly but may surprise you how it can speed up the healing process. It's not always advisable to think that you can just work through it, it all comes down to a matter of degree.

Try these for stiffness in your neck sore shoulders or just plain tiredness.

Just bring your arm across the front of your body placing your hand on the top your shoulder about midway between your neck and the tip of your shoulder, there is generally a sensitive point there. Apply pressure with your middle finger as you elevate your shoulder, breathe in as you are doing it, holing your shoulder in the elevated position 3 seconds then relax your shoulders suddenly. repeat 2 or 3 times.

 Bring both hands up behind the back of your head,
Run your thumbs up the back of your neck till you come to the edge of the bone at the base of your skull
where are two slight hollows let your thumbs slide into these up to the edge of the bone at the base of your skull.
While applying light pressure to these points move your head back and forward, side to side and then rotate it . This will help to relieve tension in your head, neck and shoulders. These points are also very good if you have headache, sore eyes, tiredness, light headed.

 Hope these help, give it a try. More help here

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