Thursday, 26 July 2012

Neck and shoulder pain
In the last post with regards to neck pain I mentioned about body imbalances and how important it is to find where your body imbalances are and if you want lasting relief from not just neck and shoulder pain but the majority of muscular- skeletal problems they need to be corrected.
Just yesterday a women came to me as a referral from her doctor for neck pain. She explained it had happened suddenly out of the blue for no apparent reason, not so.
After inquiring about her history she revealed she had had a herniated disc in her lower back about 6 years ago, An imbalance to cause the herniated disc could have been there for years before the herniated disc occurred.
After checking her posture I could see that she was quite rounded in the shoulders and her head was tilted forward . This forward tilting is a classic case for causing neck and upper back pain and typically comes about through sitting in a slouched position. Having said that I suspect she still has imbalance in the lower body that needs correcting.
Your back has a natural curvature, if this curvature becomes excessive it is generally caused by muscles being too tight in some areas and slack in others. Check your posture in the mirror you may pick up things you haven’t noticed before.

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